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Inspirational Quotations by Subhashita Manjari

Inspirational Quotations by Subhashita Manjari
The company of the distinguished, fetches respect even to the unworthy. Because of its association with flowers (in a garland), the thread is also worn on head.

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Inspirational Quotations by The Subhashita Manjari
What is a grain? It is the companionship of the virtuous. What is grief? It is the company of fools. What is loss? It is the dissipation of time.

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I started working on a new Subhashita collection website after I saw that a big subhashita collection site (Subhashita Manjari)was down for many weeks.

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2/20/2006 · This subhashita tells us about the nature of the world in general. In this world which is like a poisonous tree, ... Here's one more from Subhashita Manjari

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DK Number: DKGUJ-5363: Title: Samskrta subhashita manjari / ??????? ??????? ?????? / Author: pradhana sampadaka, Gautama ...

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... Subhashita Manjari. Please browse the archive for older translations. ... The subhashita you mention was published on the site on Aug 25, 2005.

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Subhashita Manjari on August 9, 2009 at 6:23 pm said: Some really good subhashitas along with english translations are available at Subhashita Manjari.